Send an email to and include the following:

  • Have you played in Raleigh before?
  • If you have played in Raleigh, where was the show, what was the date, what other bands played with you that night, what was the ticket price, and how many people bought tickets?
  • Video link from YouTube or Vimeo. Preferably of a live performance.
  • Audio links from Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc.
  • Dates you are looking for a gig.

Our sound system is top-notch and our sound engineers are even better. Check out our tech specs and backline below.


Midas M32 Digital Console

(2) Midas DL16 Digital Snakes DBX Drive Rack Pro+

(2) JBL SRX835P Mains

(2) JBL SRX700 Dual 18” Subs

(6) JBL JRX100 Wedges

(1) JBL MP415 Drum Fill w/additional 15” speaker (2) (2) JBL SRX 700 Side Fills

QSC RMX 4050HD Amp (Subs)

QSC RMX 4050HD Amp (Monitors) (2) QSC RMX 2050HD Amp (Monitors) Crown XLS 1500 Amp (Spare)

(7) Passive Direct Boxes (9) Shure SM58

(5) Shure SM57

(2) Shure Beta 57A

(4) Senheiser E604 (1) AKG D112

(1) Audix D6

(2) Audix F10

(3) Sennheiser E604 Assorted Cables & Stands

BACKLINE (request in advance if needed)


4 piece Gretch Catalina Club jazz kit. We even have cymbals, snares, pedals and stands available (we do prefer you use at least your own cymbals and snare).

Bass Rig:

Marshall bass combo with an Orange 4x10 cabinet and a fender 4x10 cabinet. Two preamps. One solid state, one tube. Switchable and blend able. Sounds amazing, & bass players love it!


Randall RT503 amp with 4x12” cabinet


.We feature 2-4 acts in the record shop every Saturday and Sunday. In general, these sets are 60-90 minutes in length and feature songwriters and stripped down bands.


We want your show to be a success just like you do, so let’s work together to make sure we have the best night possible. Once you have a confirmed show, we will send you our media list and request a bunch of information from you. We also ask that you send us 20 or more posters (11″ x 17″ only please) for your band at least 30 days before your show. We can hang 7 posters in the venue and will send the rest out with our street team.

Marketing a show is all about repeatedly hitting people over the head with your band. The sooner you send us promo material, the better.

One week before your performance date, be sure to advance the show with Adam to go over final details and make sure we are all on the same page: 

+ Info we need from every band

  • Band Name
  • Short Bio (ideally one paragraph)
  • Band Photo
  • 3 genres that describe the music
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter:
  • Youtube or vimeo video links
  • Bandcamp or souncloud link
  • Downloadable mp3 file of one of your songs
  • Notable Accomplishments from the band
  • Press quotes

+ Posters

Please send 15+ show posters in 11”x17” format. We hang these up at the club and around Raleigh. Posters should arrive at the venue at least 30 days before your show.

+ Facebook Event

We will create the Facebook event for our show with you. When we build the event, we will make all band pages admins for the event. Please add this to your band’s Facebook page so we are all working on the same event page.

+ Marketing stuff for Bands to do

  • Initial promo push on social media at announce.
  • Add show to band’s website.
  • Add show to Bandsintown.
  • Add show to Songkick.
  • Weekly post in Facebook event.
  • Biweekly post on Band’s Facebook page.
  • 3 posts on Instagram about the show.
  • Weekly twitter post.
  • All band members send invites to fb event in 3 different rounds leading up to the show.
  • Create and send an 11×17 show poster to the venue.
  • Buy a targeted Facebook/Instagram ad to boost exposure. Even just $5 or $10!
  • Create a press release and contact local media (media list available from Adam)


Please contact Jac 14 days before your show to confirm final advance information.

+ Loading

There is a musician’s loading zone located about 30 feet before the venue on the right hand side of the street. Pull into that spot and turn on your flashers. Come inside to get the temporary loading zone pass that needs to hang in your window. This gives you about 30 minutes for loadin.

Loadin is through the front of the building. Enter through the wooden door. There will be two steps up, and a 90 degree left turn before reaching the stage.

+ Parking

The city of Raleigh does not allow trailers to park on the street. If you do not have a trailer or a dual axle on your vehicle, park on the street or in one of the decks next to the venue. If you do have a trailer, we will direct you to parking when you arrive. It’s only a few blocks up the street.

+ Artist Merch

We have a dedicated merch area located at the back of the room, which is directly next to the customer entrance/exit.

If you need more merch for your show, they will get it done fast and make sure it’s at the venue when you arrive.

+ Green Room

We have one shared green room with a private bathroom, shower & washer/dryer.

+ Artist Guest List:

Standard guest list policy is 1 per band member unless otherwise agreed upon.


Upcoming Shows

Dec 06

Genre: Metal, Rock n' Roll

Dec 09

Genre: Prog Rock, Fusion, International