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US Bombs

The Dirty Politicians, Viva Le Vox

Genre : Punk

January 17

8pm Doors //

9pm Show


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Biography of U.S. Bombs


In ’93 Duane Peters left The Exploding Fuck Dolls and teamed up with
longtime friend Kerry Martinez to start a new band called U.S. Bombs. The
Bombs first release was a double 7″ called “Scouts of America” released in
1994 on Vinyl Dog Records with Duane Peters on vocals, Kerry Martinez on
guitar, Steve Reynolds on bass and Benny Rapp III on drums. Next they
released their first full length “Put Strength in the Final Blow”. The
re-release of their first album contains the 4 songs from “Scouts of


After a few different lineup changes in their early years they settled into
Peters, Martinez, Reynolds, Chuck Briggs (of the Dischords) on guitar and
Alex Gomez on drums. In 1996 they released their second album “Garibaldi
Guard” on Alive Records. The next year they put out an EP called “Nevermind
the Opened Minds…Here’s the U.S. Bombs”, it originally had 6 songs but
all re-releases of this album have included 4 tracks from self titled promo
CD they recorded before their 2nd album. The Bombs continued to tour to
support their music and began to grow a loyal fan base where ever they
played. U.S. Bombs live shows were gaining recognition from the on stage
antics of Duane and his band mates.


In ’97 due to touring commitments the rhythm section of the band was
replaced with Wade Walston on bass and Chip Hanna on drums. This year the
Bombs released a 10″ picture disc on Outsider Records, the B side with a
new version of The Way it Ends a song that was released on their first
album, the A side with Jaks, a song that would become the bands biggest hit
and most often played live song. Next they were picked up as the first band
on Tim Armstrong’s new Epitaph affiliate Hellcat Records for a 4 record
deal. The first album on Hellcat was “War Birth” which would become the
bands most famous and well heard album all over the world. It is even
rumored that Joey Ramone had “War Birth” on his turntable when he died.

Unfortunately due to serious illness that was killing him and eventually
take his life, long time guitarist Chuck Briggs was unable to record the
bands 4th full length “The World”. Briggs was replaced by Jonny “Two Bags”
Wickersham, formerly of Youth Brigade and The Cadillac Tramps. “The World”
was released in 1999, and when the Bombs returned from a European tour,
tensions were high among the band mates due to basically living on the road
together the last 5 years and Duane left to form Duane Peters and the Hunns.

During the constant touring and album recording the U.S. Bombs developed a
relationship with Beer City Records/Skateboards based in Milwaukee and
released three 7″ records with them. In 1997 they released “Outtakes from a
Beer City Basement” which had two exclusive songs that can only be found on
this recording, Hot Seat (an Empire cover) and Rejected (a song originally
recorded by Duane’s early 80’s band Political Crap), it also had a new
recording of the song Bubble Gum originally released on their first album.
Next was a split with The Bristles, the Bombs did a cover of the Radio
Birdman song Breaks My Heart. The third Beer City release was called “The
Great Lakes of Beer” in 2001 and had two exclusive songs, The Great Lakes
of Beer and The Critic!, both written on the road and recorded live/drunk.
To support “The World”, the U.S. Bombs also released a 7″ on TKO records
based in San Francisco for Hobroken Dreams which had an exclusive song The
Captain on the B side.


Duane left the band to start his new band Duane Peters and the Hunns. After
a few releases and some touring, in 2001 he had to return to the studio
with the U.S. Bombs as they were still under contract to make 2 more
records with Hellcat. Duane, Kerry, Chip, and Wade went in and the result
was “Back at the Laundromat”. Their fifth full length named after the early
years when the Bombs would set up their gear at the local laundromat and
play until the cops broke it up, was very well received but would be the
last album with veteran drummer Chip Hanna. In 2001 they played the
Holidays in the Sun concert in San Francisco which would be recorded and
released as a live CD as well as a DVD. Chip left the band and joined San
Francisco trio One Man Army. With the help of Hellcat Records and
relentless touring the U.S. Bombs had begun to make a place for themselves
in punk rock history. They appeared on Premium Blend as the stage band
during Jim Breuer’s hosting stint, and contributed a track from Back at the
Laundromat, “Yer Country”, to the soundtrack for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4.

Again it was time to return to the familiar and make another album for
Hellcat Records. With Chip replaced by Jamie Reidling, and with new
guitarist Curt Stich, Peters, Martinez, and Walston went back into the
studio in 2003 to make the Bombs next full length “Covert Action.” After
the resulting tour the U.S. Bombs would take the longest break in the bands
history, 10 years of constant touring and recording had left them needing a
break to save the future of the band.


With the Bombs on a break Duane was able to concentrate on his new band. DP
and the Hunns picked up new bassist/vocalist Corey Parks (formerly of
Nashville Pussy) and changed their name to Die Hunns. They released 3 more
albums, “Long Legs” in 2004, “Live Fast Die Hunns” recorded between
2004–2006, and “You Rot Me” in 2006. During this time Duane and Corey Parks
were married and had a son named Clash Peters. After the release of “You
Rot Me” in 2006, Die Hunns cancelled their US tour as both Duane and Corey
were fighting longtime drug and alcohol addiction, and with a new son they
felt leaving on tour would be not only bad for their own lives, but also
their new son. Since then Die Hunns have not played together.

With Die Hunns on hold, in 2006 the U.S. Bombs went into the studio again
to record their 7th full length album. With Peters, Martinez, Gove, Jaime
Reidling and studio bassists they released “We Are The Problem” on Sailor’s
Grave Records. The following tour picked up One Man Army bassist Heiko
Schrepel to rock the 4 string.


In 2005, as if the U.S. Bombs and the Die Hunns wasn’t enough, Duane
started another side project called “The Duane Peters Gunfight”. They
released a self titled album and a couple 7″s. With the U.S. Bombs on a
break after the “We are the Problem” tour and Die Hunns on hiatus DP had
time to focus on the Gunfight, which resulted in touring where the band
would play songs from all of Duane’s previous bands. In 2009 the DP
Gunfight released a second album “Checkmate”, a tribute album to Duane’s 21
year old son Chelsea who died in a car accident the previous year. They
also released a tribute single called “Forever Chess” featuring songs from
Checkmate, an acoustic version of U.S. Bombs song “Not Alright”, and a song
called “Skyway”.

2009 and 2010 saw 2 different European tours by the U.S. Bombs and a few
shows in California. These shows have reunited the classic late 90’s U.S.
Bombs lineup of Duane, Kerry, Wade, Chip, and the ever changing rhythm
guitar spot was filled by Jonny Two Bags again. Although, as second guitar
for Social Distortion Jonny Two Bags was unable to participate in the 2010
European tour with the Bombs, leaving the very rare experience for US Bombs
fans to see them perform as a 4 piece. 2010 also brought the inception of
Duane’s latest act The Great Unwashed.


Late in 2010 on Duane Peters twitter, he mentioned as possible recording of
a new album but there has been no other announcements since that time.
Duane and Kerry as the only original members with their revived lineup have
made it clear that they are not letting the US Bombs die any time soon.

In the summer of ’11 the Bombs hit the road to Europe for a month long
tour. Johnny 2 Bags was still with Social Distortion and Wade Walston was
getting shoulder surgery, so they went as a 4 piece again and had a fill in
bassist from Kerry’s other band The Bad Luck Charms. Later in the summer
they did a west coast tour with Wade back on bass, and there are currently
plans for the group to go to South America in the spring of 2012 as make up
dates for cancelled shows in 2011.

In the meantime while the world waits for Duane and Kerry to unleash the
U.S. Bombs next explosion, Kerry has been playing and recording with his
side project The Bad Luck Charms. Duane is scheduled to release the debut
album for The Great Unwashed in Feb 2012 on Black Vinyl Limited Records,
and he is playing a few dates in Orange County with his pre-U.S. Bombs band
The Exploding Fuck Dolls.

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