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The Vegabonds

Pierce Edens

Genre : Prog Rock

December 19

7:30pm Doors //

8:30pm Show

Tickets are $10 or you buy a pair in advance for $15

With their third European tour under the belt, three full-length albums
including a fourth nearing completion, and a gravitational pull to their
growing fan base down every American highway, the Vegabonds are on a
musical pilgrimage to spread the gospel of pure, unadulterated New South

Some might assert that their sound is Americana, while others may consider them to be true rock ‘n’ rollers. Regardless of what fans like to call
them, the Alabama-born, Nashville-bred quintet is pulling themselves up by
the bootstraps just in time for 2018, forging ahead into the future by
avoiding pigeon holes.

A group of five musicians with myriad influences between them, The
Vegabonds are fronted by lead vocalist and songwriter Daniel Allen, with
Richard Forehand (lead guitar/vocals), Paul Bruens (bass), Beau Cooper
(keys/vocals), and Bryan Harris (drums) rounding out the quintet.

The Vegabonds released their critically acclaimed record, “What We’re Made
Of,” with the help of Grammy-nominated producer Tom Tapley, whose portfolio includes that of Elton John and Bruce Springsteen, among others. Tabley returned to record The Vegabonds’ latest single, “Long Haired Country Boy,” now available on iTunes and Spotify.

“Long Haired Country Boy” gives listeners a taste of the upcoming album
slated for early next year as they breathe new life into the Charlie
Daniels Band’s country classic. Their modernized rendition of this
legendary ballad pays homage to the hard-working, blue-collar lifestyle of
the Deep South, but with an electrified, psychedelic intensity that only
The Vegabonds can conceive. As they steadily become one of the most sought after, highly-acclaimed Southern Rock bands in music, The Vegabonds’ roots run deep, even alongside the fan base having now extended across the U.S. and Europe. Their devotion to music and their tireless tour schedule illustrates their laser-sharp focus on growing into one of the biggest names out of Nashville, while never forgetting their humble beginnings.

Over the last ten years, Pierce Edens has been drawing on his Appalachian songwriting roots and blending them with the grungy rock and roll sounds that took him in his teenage years. The result is a haunting and fiery mixture that is notoriously hard to pin down. Allmusic.com classifies Edens as both “Folk-Rock” and “psychedelic-grunge,” and No Depression writer Bill Kopp says “[He] could just as easily- and accurately- be tagged with the singer/songwriter label; He’s a gritty troubadour who takes what he needs from each style, blending and bending it to suit the needs of his songs.”

Or, as Fred Mills state in Blurt Magazine, “Somewhere up there in the hills of western North Carolina a lot of bodies are buried, and Pierce Edens is the man with the locations. There’s no evidence that a cop, D.A. or judge can bring forth, mind you, but he clearly knows something; you can hear it in his twisted, tortured vocal bray […] a soulful-yet-serrated instrument that conveys far more than even its owner might intend.”

Now, in his fifth fully independent album (Stripped Down Gussied Up), Edens has taken his singular voice back home to his studio in Western North Carolina to bury some more bodies. This album witnesses Edens stripping down the instrumentation to simply the vocals, percussion, and guitar, alongside his long time band-mate Kevin Reese accompanying with lead guitar, mandolin, and occasional banjo for a handful of genre-bending songs. Stripped Down Gussied Up delivers Edens’ signature sound as it should be heard; intimate and atmospheric, glittery, gritty, and raw.

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