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Kabaka Pyramid

Elephant Convoy

Genre : Reggae

August 25

8pm Doors //

9pm Show


Advance Price: $15 / Day Of: $20

Keron “Kabaka Pyramid” Salmon is a multi-talented artist and producer
hailing from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica with a unique musical style
blending the power, energy and melody of Reggae with the lyricism of Hip
Hop. He is based out of the Bebble Rock Music camp and through his liquid
and hypnotizing delivery spreads the positive messages of spirituality and
conscious evolution that forces you to listen.

The name “Kabaka” is Ugandan for “King” and the long lasting survival of
the Pyramids of ancient Africa represent his desire for longevity in the
music and deep connection to Kemetic roots; leaving messages for
generations to come.

He is an ever-evolving artist that has numerous ways of expressing his
creativity. The ability to watch and learn from others around him has made
him into somewhat of a Jack-of-all-trades, writing lyrics, producing
tracks, engineering/recording himself or other artists, mixing songs,
editing video/photos and even playing the guitar!

His passion for music began at an early age when he would change the lyrics
to popular songs and record his own version on his mother’s tape recorder.
What began as a humorous venture was actually a stepping-stone for the
artist we know today. Reggae music has always been a strong influence on
the Kingstonian lyricist with Sizzla Kalongi and Peter Tosh providing a
great source of spiritual inspiration in his life. During high school Hip
Hop music also captivated him; reciting his favorite Canibus lines
constantly with Nas and Common serving as great examples of the success of
conscious music. The influence of both genres can be easily detected as he
seeks to find the perfect fusion of the two cultural expressions.

Kabaka spent his early years as a rapper to underground success. He was
awarded a place on internationally renowned; Dj Green Lantern’s “Myspace
Invasion” Mixtape as well as released two Mixtapes for himself “The
Transition Vol 1 and 2 and a collaboration album “Bebble Business” as part
of the Bebble Team group dedicated to his fallen brother in music Rap Brown
(Taiwo McKenzie). With these projects he cemented himself as an artist with
deep spiritual messages and proven lyrical ability and was instrumental in
raising the bar on the standard of Hip Hop in Jamaica.

Pyramid also released a few reggae and dancehall tracks including “Carry
on” and “Never be the same” and achieved chart success in Bermuda with the
track “Love is all I see” featuring Ashanti. Also as a producer he saw
chart success in the Bahamas for “Dead Man Walking”.

In July 2011 Kabaka Pyramid released his “Rebel Music” EP free to the
public at www.kabakapyramid.bandcamp.com.
project is a fusion of roots rock, reggae, dancehall and hip-hop and made
waves in the global landscape, particularly Europe and North America. It
has received an overwhelming worldwide response gaining homepage features
on websites and magazines such as Reggaeville and United Reggae and gaining
over 14,000 downloads with the 10-track CD regarded as a classic in its own

Kabaka has since achieved top spot, placing #1 on the BILLBOARD Next Big
Sound Charts Worldwide and also been featured by the popular music
conglomerate MTV Iggy. A solid global fan-base has developed that connects with the messages in his music.

All sales are final. All performances are 21+ unless noted on the event page.

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